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Build your tomorrow. Today.

Our unique program pairs contemporary digital design with cutting-edge technology training.


Ignite Your Digital Career

In the Web Development and Digital Media (WDDM) degree program, you will learn to create websites, solve business problems, and market the digital products you create.

From designing layouts and creating digital content with industry standard software, to learning coding languages and building websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you will help drive the digital future.

Students coding together
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Customize Your Path

Our stackable certificates mean you can move into the workforce after the completion of each certificate, or continue “stacking” them to build your skills and earn a two-year Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Web Development and Digital Media.

  • Web Technologies Certificate
  • Web Development Certificate
  • Digital Media Certificate
  • Web Development and Digital Media, A.A.S.
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WDDM courses are transferable to four-year universities. It will depend on the college the student is interested in transfering to. For the most reliable information, students are encouraged to reach out to the college they are interested in transfering to.

The WDDM department can provide course information to aid in determining equivalency in curriculum. To learn more about transfer information, please reference the Transfer Information Guide.

Those interested in one of the certificates or the Associate degree in WDDM need to be enrolled as a student at Johnson County Community College. For the most up-to-date information on admissions, please reference the Admissions Policy.

Students can, and often do, work while enrolled in the WDDM department. Students who are working may choose to take classes part time (9 credit hours or less).

Many of the classes offered within the department are offered in the evening or online to provide maximum flexibility. All classes are offered once a week in one longer session rather than two to three smaller sessions to provide less disruption to student schedules.

WDDM is frequently contacted by local community members who are looking for students to help them with various web-related projects and job opportunities. These opportunities are shared as they come in with all students and will be posted on the departmental website.

Additionally, students occasionally can receive internships after attending the CSIT Reverse Career Fair and speaking with local web development company representatives.

The CoLab at JCCC frequently works with WDDM students through the Student Agency, which is designed to assist community members with projects by finding students and mentoring faculty to develop one off contractual projects that typically last for the duration of a semester. These projects are paid and provide students an opportunity to work in a group with a real client, while gaining mentorship from faculty and staff on campus.

By the end of a student’s certificate/degree, they will have various projects that they can include in their portfolio. The department recommends that students keep all work from their classes and continue to update projects that they are looking to include in their portfolio.

Each student’s portfolio will differ depending on their area of focus. Some examples of projects include wireframes, prototypes, posters, logos, videos, podcasts, multi-page websites, web apps, etc. It is recommended that students use a project from each class they take to help showcase the skills and techniques acquired in that curriculum.

The department encourages students to reach out to faculty to provide feedback on portfolios as students prepare for graduation.

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